American Society of Hypothermic Medicine Registration Form

Vision, Mission, Goal Statements

Vision Statement

The American Society of Hypothermic Medicine has been created in order to bring together physicians, scientists, technologists and health-care providers in the study and promotion of therapeutic hypothermia.

Our vision is to spread the knowledge and understanding of hypothermia so that all patients who can benefit from this therapy can be treated in an effective and safe method resulting in the best patient outcome.

Mission Statement

The American Society of Hypothermic Medicine is a professional scientific and medical membership organization formed to examine all facets of the field of therapeutic hypothermia.  The Mission of ASHM will be:

  • To cultivate the clinical abilities of health-care providers in properly using therapeutic hypothermia in proven indications to enhance patient outcome through appropriate education and training.
  • To develop scientifically based guideline of treatment and expert recommendations for the use of therapeutic hypothermia.
  • To facilitate on-going research and further the field of hypothermic medicine to advance patient treatment through accuracy and effectiveness.
  • To foster working relationships between the unique fields of medicine implementing hypothermic medicine, and coordinate close relationships to associated societies.

Goal Statement

  1. To unite a congregation of medical experts and health-care providers intent on developing the field of therapeutic hypothermia as a scientifically recognized treatment for medical indications through research and clinical practice.
  2. To discuss the indications for induced hypothermia, in light of stated medical guidelines by recognized associations, peer-reviewed articles and in other proper scientific reports.
  3. To assemble the different disciplines of medicine, which are presently using or could be using therapeutic hypothermia for proven indications.
  4. To further the understanding of therapeutic hypothermia with the medical establishment, patients, patient families, policy-makers and to the general public.
  5. To develop services such as relevant member resources, references, and provide education to evolve the field of hypothermic medicine.
  6. Through scientific studies to further develop evidence-based standards, guidelines and expert recommendations to provide the highest quality of care when using hypothermic treatments.
  7. To provide training to health-care professionals on the proper use of therapeutic hypothermia for certification and re-certification.
  8.  To discuss the adverse risks of therapeutic hypothermia and methods to minimize or avoid such risks and to alleviate complications once occurring.
  9. To compare and contrast the different modalities present to induce mild hypothermia within patients and the proper methods in each to provide safe and effective treatment, and to discuss the potential of future modalities.
  10. To understand the results of past research, discuss on-going research, and encourage possible future research in the field of hypothermic medicine.
  11. To always place the best quality of care for patients as the focus of all endeavors.

ASHM Officers

  • Eric E. Harrison MD - Interim President
  • James Wessman CPA - Treasurer
  • Ben Morris Esquire - Attorney
  • Denise Dopico - Secretary
  • Janelle Bowers - Communications Services
  • William Melton - Executive Director
  • A.J. Utz - Nurse Trainer

Board of Directors

  • William T. Branch MD
  • Radley L. Griffin MD
  • Eric E. Harrison MD
  • Benjamin G. Morris Esq
  • John H. Sykes
  • James A.Wessman, CPA

Tax Exempt Status

The American Society of Hypothermic Medicine has received tax exempt status from the IRS under 501 (c) (3) of the code. It has been determined that this organization is a Public Charity. The employer identification number is 27-2139051 and the DLN is 17053020350031. Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the code; gifts under section 2055,2106, or 2522 of the code.

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